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Solhydroc is a recognized leader in manufacturing products that are used for concrete repair and rehabilitation.

Our mission is to offer products, as well as solutions, for complex problems relating to concrete deterioration. We are familiar with the range of factors causing concrete damage, such as heavy wear, a corrosive environment and other specific causes.

Our goal is to provide materials and methods that will meet the unique needs of our customers, providing long term solutions that yield high quality concrete. We always provide technical services for each sale.

Why choose Solhydroc?

Solhydroc Inc. designs, manufactures and sells products used to repair, rehabilitate and protect concrete. The main objective is to supply materials and methods to meet and surpass the needs of the company’s clients and to propose long term solutions that will to ensure high quality concrete.

With years of experience on job sites, we understand your constraints. That is why our products are known for reduced downtime.

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Sectors in which we operate


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Products designed for the repair & protection of concrete structures in:

  • Pulp & paper, petrochemical and chemical plants
  • Mining, metallurgy sites and metal refineries
  • Hydroelectric, nuclear or other types of power generating stations
  • Industrial wastewater treatment structures
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Products designed to repair and protect concrete infrastructure in:

  • Bridges, Tunnels and Dams
  • Parking garages and building envelopes
  • Potable water and wastewater infrastructure
  • Transportation industry (road, rail, airports & seaway)
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Products designed for the repair and protection of concrete in various commercial applications:

  • Commercial flooring & institutional flooring
  • Parking structures
  • Patios and balconies
  • Ramps and walkways
  • Building facades
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Cementitious repair product guide

Are you looking for concrete repair products? Check out our chart, made to help you choose the right type of mortar or concrete for your project requirements.

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IRCI Preparation Guide

When using SOLHYDROC products, proper surface preparation is essential. For optimal results, check out our Guide to Concrete Surface Prep!

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MTQ Approved Product List

Do you require an MTQ-approved product?

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