About Us

The Solhydroc Advantage

Our customers appreciate more than just our outstanding products - They rely on the consulting services, technical support and training provided by our Solhydroc team. We make sure to provide on-site follow-ups and supervision, whether that means in-store or on construction sites.

  • Develop a project strategy
  • Prioritize performance characteristics
  • Review technical documentation
  • Access datasheets and other documents related to Solhydroc products
  • Receive technical consulting services
  • Get support and supervision on-site
  • Keep a direct line of contact between you and your Solhydroc rep throughout the project

Our mission

From day one, the Solhydroc goal has been to provide materials and methods that will ensure long-term performance for your concrete. Thanks to our years of experience on construction sites, we are also acutely aware of your constraints and can provide quick turnaround times.


Your Partner in North America

For almost two decades now, Solhydroc concrete products have been used on construction jobsites across Canada.

For concrete repair professionals, we provide unique solutions for maintenance and repair of underground transit systems, mine sites, wastewater treatment centers and highway & bridge infrastructure. Our products and solutions are also used by professionals in the restaurant industry and for commercial and industrial flooring applications.



Designed for construction professionals, Solhydroc products are supported by:

  • Outstanding technical assistance
  • A dedicated sales team
  • An innovative research & development department

This is how we are able to assist contractors, architects and engineers who use and recommend our Solhydroc solutions to carry out their projects.


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Solhydroc Product Catalog

Get instant access to our catalog which contains every technical data sheet, equivalents and more!

Cementitious repair product guide

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ICRI Preparation Guide

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